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FRES: the VBCI selected for the Trials of Truth

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VBCI (Infantry Combat Vehicle) has been selected by the British Ministry of Defence to take part in the "Trials of Truth" for the FRES (Future Rapid Effect System) programme. The FRES programme is intended to provide British Armed Forces with a new medium armoured vehicle.

The VBCI has already been ordered by the French Authorities, to equip French Army infantry regiments. The contract is for a total of 700 vehicles. Two versions will be supplied: infantry combat and command post. Series production is already under way, for initial vehicle deliveries in 2008.

The VBCI is designed to counter the new types of threat being met by armed forces. Its level of protection easily outclasses that of all the currently existing 8x8 vehicles, while retaining an upgrade margin and capability. Its remarkable tactical mobility (achieved by Renault Trucks Defense) is based on excellent obstacle clearance, acceleration and handling capabilities. The VBCI has a range of 470 miles and a top speed of more than 60 mph, and this performance, together with its airtransportability, make the vehicle extremely mobile strategically. The VBCI is equipped with air conditioning and NBC protection, and its interior volume exceeds 13 m³. It can therefore be produced in various versions or variants, to meet the specific armed forces’ requirements.

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