TADIRAN Electronic Systems Ltd.

Type of activity:
Electronics & Computers
Training Simulators & Training Aids
Contact: Hai Ben-Israel, President & CEO

29 Hamerkava Street
PO Box 150

Phone: 972-3-5577240
Fax: 972-3-5577270

Backed by 30 years of across-the-board experience and expertise, Tadiran Electronic Systems focuses on designing, developing and manufacturing systems that assure customer satisfaction. With a command of today's most advanced, innovative technologies, Tadiran Electronic Systems is equipped to apply them to diverse applications ranging from military command and control to civilian cellular communications. The company's performance-proven solutions have propelled it to a leadership position in several fields both in defense and commercial markets.

Tadiran's systems are in service with the Israel Defense Forces and other modern armies worldwide. They assist countries across the world in managing Spectrum Control. The company's global presence is evidenced in a growing list of international projects that include alliances with local industries, technology transfer, and long term after-sales service.

Tadiran Electronic Systems operates within the framework of Elisra Group, Israel's leading electronics company.

With the best of Israel's human resources, a command of cutting-edge technologies, extensive infrastructures and facilities, worldwide marketing and distribution networks, Tadiran Electronic Systems is well-positioned to offer its customers the most technologically advanced systems and solutions to meet the challenges of the future.

Spotter (Robot, Unmanned Vehicle)
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