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Within One Year the Ukrainian Army Has Received 56 Bulat Main Battle Tanks

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Within One Year the Ukrainian Army Has Received 56 Bulat Main Battle Tanks

During the last year the military units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces received from Kharkiv 56 Bulat main battle tanks (MBT), which are an upgraded version of the T-64B battle tank. This was announced by Alexey Podgorniy, the acting director general of the Kharkiv-based State Enterprise Malyshev Plant.

The next year is to see delivery of another 30 upgraded tanks. If provided with relevant financial support, the Malyshev Plant will be able to establish in the near future the facilities for production of the first ten Oplot MBTs.

The Oplot MBT, which is to enter service with the separate tank brigade of the 6th Army Corps of the Ukrainian Army, is the first national tank of Ukraine.

The Oplot features a 1200 hp engine, automatic gearbox, new fire control system, excellent tactical and mobility characteristics, good crew ergonomics and, if compared with similar foreign tanks, low cost.

Besides, it is planned to supply three Atlet armoured repair and recovery vehicles and ten BTR-4 armoured personnel carriers. These armoured vehicles, according to the General Designer of Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau Lt Gen Mikhailo Borysiuk, are in many aspects are on a par with the most advanced foreign vehicles.


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