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Key handed over for the SIMUG live simulation platform in Bure

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On 3 July 2009 at the Bure training ground (Switzerland), RUAG Electronics handed
over the system key for the SIMUG live simulation platform to armasuisse, the Swiss Armed Forces` centre of excellence for procurement.

The Swiss Army has thus now received the first of three state-of-the-art combat training centres.

SIMUG, which is a simulation support platform for field training exercises, enables battlefield environments to be trained for in line with today’s needs. Training is highly realistic and takes place using laser-based simulators. All weapons can be employed, including direct-hit, high angle and area weapons. Fire and its effects in the battlefield are simulated in a lifelike manner using charge boxes specially developed for the purpose.

All exercise participants such as vehicles and infantrymen are kitted out with laser firing simulators.

This enables combined arms training that reflects the relative forces of the weapons involved. All participants are connected by transponders and W-LAN to the control centre. The position and status of all involved, plus the battlefield events that occur, are recorded in real time and are then available in a multimedia format for debriefing after the exercise. Training can be carried out up to reinforced company level.

The Swiss Army has been training for years with laser firing simulators. These simulators can now be united under SIMUG and put to combined use. On 3 July 2009 at a celebratory ceremony, CEO of RUAG Electronics Andreas Herren handed over the symbolic system key to Chief of Armaments Jakob Baumann and the Swiss Army. "For effective, good training, soldiers must be able to immediately perceive the consequences of their actions and the reaction of their adversary," says Andreas Herren. "Thanks to SIMUG, this wish has been made a reality, and I am delighted that we can enable our customers to carry out their operations successfully."

After several years of development work, SIMUG was approved by the Swiss Federal Council and authorized by Swiss Parliament under the Armament Programme 2004. The procurement scope of 95 million Swiss francs for SIMUG comprises the facilities at Bure and St. Luzisteig. Operation of SIMUG will be privatized by way of a pilot test, with RUAG Electronics taking on operational responsibility. The pilot project will run until 2015.

RUAG Electronics Ltd

RUAG Electronics Ltd, headquartered in Berne (Switzerland) is one of the five subsidiaries of the RUAG international technology group. Its CEO is Andreas P. Herren. The staff headcount for 2008 was 790. The company operates in three segments: Simulation & Training (S&T), Network Enabled Operations Services (NEO Services) and Homeland Security (HLS).


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