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Otokar participates in Eurosatory with five armoured vehicles

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ARMA 6x6

Otokar, the leading land system manufacturer of the Turkish Defence Industry, is to exhibit its 4x4 and 6x6 armoured vehicles at Eurosatory.

Otokar , as a company of Koc Group, Turkey's biggest conglomerate, presents its below mentioned armoured tactical wheeled vehicles at the Eurosatory 2012 held in Paris:

  • ARMA 6x6 with closed turret weapon station,

  • ARMA 6x6 Amphibious Armoured Personnel Carrier,

  • KAYA Mine Resistant Troop Carrier,

  • COBRA Armoured Personnel Carrier with Remote Control Weapon Station,

  • COBRA Reconnaissance and Surveillance vehicle.

Defining Otokar's recent status as an internationally competitive organisation, Serdar Gorguc, the General Manager, said: "Our vehicles are chosen by more users every year. In this respect, we're constantly renewing and expanding our product range."

Highlighting the success of Otokar in international markets and considering assembly and manufacturing of Otokar vehicles in other markets rather than Turkey Gorguc continued: "Recently, we signed an MoU with Kazakh State Company, Kazakhstan Engineering for manufacturing COBRA in Kazakhstan. Additionally, we are also studying thoroughly different markets in different parts of the world for local production of our vehicles. In addition to these activities, COBRA is being awarded with contracts for the usage of different countries and United Nations Peace keeping missions. Today I can easily say that COBRA is one of the most desired and well-known armoured tactical vehicles of its range throughout the world. In line with this success our other vehicles are also being demanded and contracted by different forces. ARMA is a good example of this achievement by being awarded with two different contracts within a year.

Besides our Internal Security Vehicle which is not exhibited in this Eurosatory is another success story in terms of gained contracts.

ALTAY Project is in full flow

Informing about the ALTAY main battle tank project, one of the most important projects of Turkish defence industry, Gorguc stated: "ALTAY, Turkey's first national main battle tank, has been developed since 2009 with the leadership of Otokar, assigned by the Undersecretary of Defence Industries. The first phase of the project, 'Conceptual Design Process', has been completed in 2010. And we presented the full-scale model, which reflects the concept design of ALTAY, at IDEF Exhibition, last year. In scope of the 'Detailed Design Process' which is the second and the most critical phase of the project, 'Preliminary Design Phase', has been successfully completed by the last quarter of 2011. During this phase, manufacturing of prototypes took start in line with this process. Following the completion of the Second Phase, we're planning to start the 'Prototype Development and Qualification Phase' which is the third and the last phase. In scope of the project plan we continue investing in the first prototype of the ALTAY tank which will be ready for testing by the last quarter of this year. In addition to our existing facilities within Otokar plant, we have recently established a new Tank Test Center with an investment of USD 10 million. Our Test Center is among the world's most modern and advanced test centers."

In addition to its tactical wheeled armoured vehicles, Otokar also presents a small scale model of ALTAY main battle tank at Eurosatory.

ARMA 6x6 at Eurosatory with two different versions

Otokar exhibits two versions of ARMA 6x6 armoured combat vehicle which is a member of ARMA family consisting of 8x8 and 6x6 armoured vehicles.

ARMA 6x6 Personnel Carrier with Closed Turret Weapon Station

ARMA 6x6 Personnel Carrier with Closed Turret Weapon Station combines the firing capability of its armament with the superior mobility and high protection level of ARMA vehicle. Thanks to its turret allowing the integration of automated machine guns in different types and calibres, it enables firing from inside the armoured vehicle both in day and night without being exposed to external threats.

ARMA Amphibious Personnel Carrier

ARMA 6x6 amphibious armoured personnel carrier provides the crew with a high level of protection against ballistic and mine threats by means of high hardness monocoque steel hull. The personnel is seated on individual mine protected seats. The collective NBC protection system provides the crew with a safe environment and uninterrupted operation in contaminated areas. The amphibious capability ensures superior tactical capabilities in all terrain conditions.

Arma 6x6 versions rides on hudro-penumatic independent suspension and locked transfer case which ensures superior off-raod mobility and comfort. With its independent hydro-pneumatic suspension and locked transfer case, ARMA 6x6 presents superior off-road mobility and comfort. The ARMA 6x6 versions is equipped with a 8.9 litre, 6 cylinders, 450 HP turbo diesel engine and 6 forward 1 reverse automatic gearbox providing the users with a superior agility and manoeuvrability in all terrain conditions. The engine is located at the right front of the vehicle, allowing a comparably high internal volume to be efficiently and ergonomically used.

Central Tire Inflation System, Run Flat tires and Airconditioning system are the standard equipments in all ARMA 6x6 and 8x8 versions.

Two variants of COBRA is presented

Two different variants of COBRA vehicle are exhibited in Eurosatory.

COBRA Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle

Besides its superior mobility, and protection against ballistic and mine threats, COBRA Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle presents solutions towards the needs of users with high capacity reconnaissance equipments. With its electro-optic reconnaissance systems, the vehicle can detect, recognize and identify remote targets under day/night and all weather conditions. Besides, images of the detected target can be transmitted as picture and video together with the location and identification info via the integrated software, hardware and digital communication systems infrastructure with other vehicles within the operation and the command center.

COBRA Remote Controlled Weapon Station

Thanks to its remote controlled turret, and thermal and daytime vision systems the vehicle has surveillance, reconnaissance and rapid intervention ability under day/night and all weather conditions.


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