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Ukraine Is Planning 77 Defence-related Research and Development Projects in 2006

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BM Bulat MBT

When meeting the military representatives accommodated in Ukraine, Vladimir Grek, Director of Department of Research and Procurement of Arms and Military Equipment, has announced that 77 defence-related research and development projects are planned to be carried out in 2006.

The projects being planned include conduction of government trials of 23 examples of arms and military equipment. Additionally, 28 more examples will undergo preliminary trials. Nine projects are in the initial technical design phase. Ten new projects are planned to be started.

The State Programme of Development of Arms and Military Equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine till the year 2009 envisages modernisation of T-64 tanks into the T-64 BM Bulat configuration, as well as modernisation of BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles, BTR-70 armoured personnel carriers and BRDM-2 armoured reconnaissance vehicles (they will be fitted with new uniform fighting modules, active and passive protection systems). It is also planned to purchase training simulators for these vehicles' crews. This year, an order will be placed for six first BM Bulat MBT crew member training simulators, which underwent government trials last year.

Vladimir Grek has also said that it is planned to develop a new armoured personnel carrier.

Also carried out is modernisation of multiple launch systems and development of a new self-propelled howitzer, new high-precision ammunition and new sub-calibre round for tank gun.

Development of new guided missiles has been completed, while development of new anti-tank missile systems is about to be completed.

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