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Hagglunds Vehicle is a leading manufacturer of Combat Vehicles, and All Terrain Vehicles. Hagglunds Vehicle is also a leading developer and supplier of various turret systems as an integrated part of Hagglunds role as prime contractor. Hagglunds has delivered military vehicles to more than 40 countries worldwide.

Hagglunds Moelv A.S in Moelv, Norway, is a wholly owned subsidiary. Patria Hagglunds Oy in Tampere, Finland is a joint venture company with Patria Oyj. HB Utveckling in Stockholm, Sweden is a joint venture company with Bofors Defence.

Hagglunds Vehicle is fully owned by BAE Systems.

All-terrain Vehicles

The Bv206 All-Terrain Vehicle is a family of multipurpose amphibious tracked vehicles. From the earliest stage, Bv206 was designed to be versatile and it has proven so in service. With generous power driving on all four of the wide tracks, yet exerting a ground pressure less than half of a man's foot.

BV 206 S

The Bv206S is an armoured version with protection against fragments and small arms fire. The Bv206S All Terrain Carrier is designed to meet tough military requirements for extreme mobility under splinter protection in all climates with high reliability and low maintenance cost. The Bv206S is designed for air transport in a number of aircraft's and helicopters. With extremely high mobility in all kinds of terrain and high load capacity, the Bv206S is an ideal vehicle for Rapid Deployment Forces.

Combat Vehicle 90

In the middle of the '80s Hagglunds Vehicle started the development of a new family of Combat Vehicles called Combat Vehicle 90 for the Swedish Army. Five prototypes were delivered in 1988 and were tested during extensive trials for three years. In March 1991, the Swedish Army placed the first series production order for the Swedish Combat Vehicle 90 Family. The first deliveries started in 1993 and present order backlog for Sweden will last until 2002.

International interest

CV90 has met great interest from other countries, like Norway, where a contract for 104 units of CV9030 IFV was signed by the Norwegian Army Materiel Command in April 1994. The contract was won after more than two years of extensive and highly competitive trials between five of the world's leading defence industries. Series deliveries were completed in November 2000. CV9030 IFV has also been ordered by the Swiss (186 units) and Finnish (57 units) Defence Procurement Agency's. Deliveries start in 2002.


The latest member of the Bv206 family is the improved armoured version called BvS10. The BvS10 is a new larger vehicle, with improved load capacity, based on the experience gained from more than 25 years of articulated vehicle design and production. The BvS10 has the same superior mobility in difficult terrain as the Bv 206 combined with the same speed on road an in terrain as modern APC's. BvS10 offers load capacity up to 5 tons. The newly developed chassis, power train and steering units gives the vehicle considerably enhanced speed and comfort on road and in terrain compared to other similar vehicles. It has a low signature and is built for the highest level of tactical and strategic mobility.


AMOS is a mortar system, which comprises of a turret with two 120-mm breech-loading mortar barrels mounted side by side. It is a result of a co-operation agreement between Hägglunds Vehicle AB and Patria Vammas Oy. AMOS can be mounted on most wheeled or tracked vehicles, i.e. the CV90, LAV. Compared with conventional mortars, AMOS increases the firepower, mobility and protection.

Adaptiv (Camouflage)
Alligator 6x6 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
Alligator 8x8 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
Bv 206 S (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
BvS10 VIKING (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
CV 90 (Infantry fighting vehicle)
CV90 (Reconnaissance Vehicle)
CV90 (Repair and recovery vehicle)
CV90 Armadillo (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
CV90 Mk IV (Infantry fighting vehicle)
CV90 STING (Engineer vehicle)
CV90105 (Light tank)
CV90120 (Light tank)
CV9030 Mk II (Infantry fighting vehicle)
CV9030 Mk III (Infantry fighting vehicle)
CV9035 Mk III (Infantry fighting vehicle)
CV9040 (Infantry fighting vehicle)
CV9040 Chameleon (Anti-aircraft system)
CV90CZ (Modernization of the vehicle)
E35 (Turret)
Grkpbv90/Mjolner (Self-propelled mortar)
Ikv-91 (Light tank)
Impaqt Mk1 (Projectile)
Ironclad (Robot, Unmanned Vehicle)
Pansarbandvagn 302 / APC (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
Pbv 401 (Infantry fighting vehicle)
Pbv 501 (Infantry fighting vehicle)
Pvrbv 551 (Self-propelled antitank guided missile system)
SEP (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
SEP T2 (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
Last contracts:
Add Date
(Close Date)
Annual Cost
Grkpbv90/Mjolner (Self-propelled mortar) 40
Dec 2016
(Dec 2020)
BvS10 VIKING (Tracked armoured personnel carrier) 32
Jul 2016
(Jul 2019)
CV9035 Mk III (Infantry fighting vehicle) 44
Dec 2014
(Dec 2018)
CV9030 Mk II (Infantry fighting vehicle) 146
Apr 2012
(Dec 2017)
BvS10 VIKING (Tracked armoured personnel carrier) 48
Jan 2012
(Aug 2014)
BvS10 VIKING (Tracked armoured personnel carrier) 21
May 2007
(Oct 2008)
CV9035 Mk III (Infantry fighting vehicle) 45
Dec 2005
(Dec 2006)
Bv 206 S (Tracked armoured personnel carrier) 81
Sep 2005
(Dec 2009)
Bv 206 S (Tracked armoured personnel carrier) 10
Jul 2005
(Dec 2006)
Bv 206 S (Tracked armoured personnel carrier) 74
May 2005
(Apr 2007)
BvS10 VIKING (Tracked armoured personnel carrier) 74
May 2005
(Dec 2007)
CV9030 Mk II (Infantry fighting vehicle) 184
Dec 2004
(Dec 2010)
Bv 206 S (Tracked armoured personnel carrier) 75
Dec 2004
(Dec 2006)
CV9035 Mk III (Infantry fighting vehicle) 184
Nov 2004
(Dec 2010)
CV9030 Mk II (Infantry fighting vehicle) 45
Feb 2004
(Sep 2006)
All contracts...

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