Type 90

Manufacturer: NORINCO - China North Industries Group Corporation - CNGC  
Product type: Weapons & Weapon Systems  
Name: Multiple rocket launcher  

The NORINCO (China North Industries Corporation) Type 90 122 mm 40-round multiple rocket system is an indigenously designed and built system equipped with an automatic operating and laying system, an electric firing system and an automatically reloadable pack of 40 122 mm unguided surface-to-surface rockets.


The chassis used is the Tiema SC2030 6 × 6 truck model with four rows of 10 tubes mounted above each other on a rotating cradle assembly. Elevation and traverse are performed by electrical systems. A manual back-up system is also provided. The chassis is a German Mercedes-Benz design that has been manufactured under licence by NORINCO for a variety of civil and military roles.

A hydraulically operated collapsible awning is mounted over the rear deck for use as protection and camouflage. Conversion to the combat mode takes between 1½ and 2 minutes following arrival at the launch site.

The automatic operating and laying system consists of five main subsystems: an HJ-1 mini-computer; a launcher direction-finder (which takes less than 3 seconds to display the launcher's magnetic azimuth angle); longitudinal and transversal slope sensors; launcher assembly elevation and traverse position sensors; and a special vehicle power supply interface power pack unit.

The launcher is controlled by the computer through man/machine interaction. An interface is provided for connection to a battalion central command system, instructions from which can either be input directly via the interface or manually input by push-buttons. There are three modes of operating and laying the system: manual, electrical or automatic. Hydraulic jacks at the rear and sides of the vehicle are used to minimise the effect of uneven ground or vibration during firing. The computer automatically corrects the firing solution for any deviation of the firing angle caused by ground slope.

The electrical firing system fires the unguided rockets either singly or in a salvo with 0.5 seconds between rounds. The system comprises an electric igniter, remote firing device and ignition contacts and cables. Firing may be conducted both from the driver's cab or remotely outside the vehicle.

The fin-stabilised rockets used are of the 122 mm calibre extended-range composite solid propellant type and full details of these are given in a separate entry. These rockets can be launched by other countries' 122 mm multiple rocket systems such as those manufactured by a number of countries including Egypt and Russia.

The automatic loading system consists of elevator, rack and feeder. Loading of the rockets can be performed either automatically, by push-button operation in the driver's cab, or manually by external operations. The loading mechanism can be rotated 90. Automatic reloading of the launcher takes less than 3 minutes. A rocket-in-position and after-fire chamber display system in the driver's cab monitors the weapon status after loading or firing.


122 mm (40-round) Type 90A multiple rocket system

This was the second version of the Type 90 to enter production and the four main improvements can be summarised as:

  • ability to launch all types of unguided 122 mm rocket out to a maximum range of 40 km including high explosive and high explosive incendiary.

  • installation of a new computerised fire-control system which includes a Global Positioning System (GPS) and north finding device for greater accuracy. The panoramic sight is retained on the left side of the launcher for manual laying if required

  • high level of automation for the operator

  • command post vehicle can lay and control a number of Type 90A systems by remote control for maximum firepower

The Type 90A has a modified Mercedes-Benz 6 × 6 chassis which is designated the Tienna XC 2200 (6 × 6) and this has a similar specification to the above apart from an overall length of 9.7 m, height of 3.20 m, fording depth of 0.7 m and a turning radius of 11 m. Prime contractor for the chassis in China is NORINCO.

A typical Type 90A battalion would consist of a battalion command vehicle based on a 6 × 6 chassis, three forward observation post vehicles mounted on a 4 × 4 light all terrain vehicle chassis and three batteries. Each of the latter has one battery command vehicle, six rocket launchers, six rocket resupply vehicles and one maintenance vehicle.

122 mm (40-round) Type 90B multiple rocket system

This is the latest version of the Type 90 to be marketed and details are provided in a separate entry. There are no known exports of this system. As far as it is known, all export marketing is now being concentrated on the NORINCO 122 mm (40-round) Type 90B.

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Type 90
Type 90