Manufacturer: Urdan Industries Ltd.  
Product type: Ballistic Protection  
Name: Ballistic protection  


Urdan Industries manufactures a wide range of armoured steel castings mainly for the Israeli Merkava MBT programme which has been running for many years and, has resulted in the fielding of the Merkava Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 MBTs.

Urdan Industries is also a qualified manufacturer of MIL-A-11356E ballistic steel for the US Army. The company also builds cupolas, tracks, road wheels, drive sprockets and other suspension elements as well as various mine clearing rollers and dozer systems.

It has also developed and produced an add-on armour kit for the widely deployed M113 series of full tracked vehicles.

This incorporates angled perforated steel plates and is similar to Toga but has these angled segments instead of the flat sheets of Toga.

The M113 kit is of modular construction allowing it to be mounted on the vehicle without special tools or equipment. When installed on the M113, this kit provides a significant increase in armour protection over the front, sides and rear of the vehicle.


Series production. It is probable that the armour packages on the upgraded M113s of the Swiss Army were supplied by Urdan Industries.

Included in:
Product Amount
MERKAVA Mk-1 (Main battle tank)

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