T-72 SIM-1

Manufacturer: Elbit Systems Ltd.  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Modernization of the vehicle  

Command and control system is installed in the modernized tanks. The system is equipped with a computerized technology that enables the commander and the crew to control and survey the battlefield.

A special navigation system GPS is installed on the vehicle in order to provide additional information to the subordinated crews in the fastest way with the help of Short Message Service (SMS). The navigation system works in any meteorological conditions which makes it different from other GPS systems. Georgia is the first country in the Post-Soviet space which has the T -72 SIM-1 tank that gives an unconditional advantage to our country in the region.

For the gunner a special thermal device has been also installed that can fix and identify any object at a long distance and gives possibility to open fire and destroy the target. (With the old modifications this could be achieved only in good weather conditions).

T-72 SIM-1 tank has the program “friend or foe”, in case the target marker is directed towards the owner’s unit the tank warns the crew about the potential mistake with the voice alarm. It can open unexpected fire at approximately 1400 m without measuring the distance that can spare the precious minutes that are decisive at the battlefield.

Thermal device enables the driver to control the road during day and night in adverse weather conditions at several times longer distances compared to the previous modifications.

As to the communication system, the old R173 has been changed by digital tactical radio system FALCON produced by HARRIS Corporation. It has the jumping frequency that decreases the frequency decoding possibility and possesses the encrypted communication system.

The radio station has possibility to communicate within a radius of 20 km and works on UHV frequencies. SMS communication is also available.

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T-72 SIM-1
T-72 SIM-1
T-72 SIM-1
T-72 SIM-1