Manufacturer: USSC Group, Inc.  
Product type: Auxiliary Equipment  
Name: Seat  

Optimized for occupant comfort, blast protection and seat weight, GSS’ PRS blast seats are the most protective seats in the military market today. Designed using FEA simulation, laboratory testing, in-vehicle ride/drive and live-blast testing, these seats are fully validated against the toughest military blast seat requirements.


  • Unmatched Blast Protection Level: 10x better survivability in under-vehicle blast events than standard “threshold” requirements

  • Occupant Mass-Adaptive: sensors within the seat system precisely and continuously weighs the occupant and uses this known value to optimize protection in a blast event. Tested with 5F through geared 95M occupants

  • Blast-Adaptive: sensors within the seat system analyze under-vehicle blast dynamics in real time and optimize protection accordingly

  • Virtual Pressure Mapping Comfort Analysis: seat foam set optimization via FEA simulation and iteration

  • Warfighter Fatigue Minimization/Adaptive Ride Comfort Optimization: using the on-seat sensor suite, and adaptive damping technology, vehicle vibration and shock loads transmitted to the occupant are minimized

  • Compliant to all performance, environmental and life cycle military standards

Options and Features

  • Fore-Aft Adjust: variable adjustment increments and quantities available

  • Height Adjust: variable adjustment increments and quantities available

  • Upholstery: Military-compliant upholstery available in various colors

  • Cushion Stowage: available as fixed, auto flip-up, or stay-up/stay-down

  • Belts: always ABTS, with 5-point manual belts standard. Optional shoulder and lap retractors, 4-point harnesses and custom configurations

  • Headrest: available as adjustable/removable or integrated.

  • Camelback Pull-Out: standard on all seats for better occupant gear accomodation

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