DURO DAKOVIC Special Vehicles

Type of activity:
Armoured Vehicles

M. Budaka
Slavonski Brod

Phone: +385 (0)35 44-60-79
Fax: +385 (0)35 44-61-81

The company operates within Holding Duro Dakovic, major and well known metal manufacturing complex with international reputation in the field of industrial equipment, power production facilities, petrochemical industry, rolling stock, special vehicles and agricultural machinery including wide range of manufacturing and engineering services and single products, and was founded in 1921 as the first factory for waggons, machines and bridges in the Southeastern Europe.

Within the program of reconstruction as strategic development goal - DD SPECIAL VEHICLES company should be considered as Croatian center of competence for design, production and maintenance of combat vehicles & defence equipment, deminig machines & cargo railway waggon.

It is permanently and consequently oriented on market demands of the foreign partner and the market demands of Republic Croatia and neighbouring countries.

All these products have been designed in accordance with West European standards being equipped up to the level of provision of all special, additional equipment.

The experience in production of battle tank, as the most complex product in category of battle vehicles, has confirmed capability of our Company for dynamic interaction between our own know how and production potentials with know how and potential of other producers and research institutions, and has established all necessary requirement for the new world of productivity and efficiency, for implementation of quality assurance system, and the final integration and testing of the most complex systems, which all resulted in good product.

QA system:

DD SPECIAL VEHICLES is the first company within the Republic of Croatia with Certificate 9001 in the field of research, design, production and maintenance of special vehicles and military equipment and civil engineering machinery and steel structures.

System of quality management has been implemented through production of battle tank, it is completely documented and corresponds to the requirements of the international family of norm ISO 9001.

Implementation of the approved quality policy is realized and documented in the Quality Handbook for the selected model of quality assurance in accordance with the norm ISO 9001 (i.e. EN 29001), which includes organizational structure, authorities and responsibilities, procedures, activities, potentials and means for realization of quality policy.

The described quality policy is foundation for planning, implementation and documentation of all activities and the permanent improvement of quality of products and services in the company limited by shares DD SPECIAL VEHICLES.

BA-20 (Electrical unit)
BOD-1S (Electrical unit)
COMTOS (Gunner's sight)
GPK-2000 (Girocompass)
K-10 (Unit)
M-84D Degman (Main battle tank)
M-95 Degman (Main battle tank)
M84 (Main battle tank)
M84A (Main battle tank)
M84A4 (Main battle tank)
M84AB (Main battle tank)
M84ABI (Repair and recovery vehicle)
M84ABK (Main battle tank)
M84ABN (Main battle tank)
M84AI (Repair and recovery vehicle)
MIL190130 (Storage battery)
OMEGA-D (Fire control system)
PR4-G (Radio station)
PU-2000 (Control panel)
RI-2000 (Interface unit)
RM-KA-01 (Mine clearing vehicle)
RPV-2000 (Driver's panel)
SG-10-1S (Starter-generator)
SZ-2000 (NBC system)
TMP-72 (Modernization of the vehicle)
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