RAFAEL Armament Development Authority Ltd.

Type of activity:
Engine and Systems
Protection Systems
Weapons & Weapon Systems
Sighting Systems
Ballistic Protection
Training Simulators & Training Aids

P.O.B. 2082
Haifa 31021

Phone: (972) 4-8776-965
Fax: (972) 4-8794-657

Drawing on Israel Defense Forces vast combat experience and with over five decades of its own expertise in the development and manufacturing of a wide range of battle-proven, pinpointed solutions for Air, Land, Ground and space systems, RAFAEL is one of the world's most sophisticated defense companies. Tailored to its customer's specific needs, RAFAEL provides state-of-the-art, yet cost-effective systems and weapons in the fields of Missiles, Air Defense, Target Acquisition, Ew, C4IRS, Communication Networks, Data Links, EO Payloads, Trainers and Simulators, Add-on Armor, Combat Vehicles Upgrading, Mine Fields Breaching am much more.

? (Explosive reactive armour)
? (Explosive reactive armour)
ADMS (Anti-aircraft defence turret)
Armor Shield R (Explosive reactive armour)
ASPRO A/Trophy-HV (Active protection system)
Blaser (Explosive reactive armour)
CCA (Ballistic protection)
Derby (Rocket system)
EAAK Armor Shield P (Ballistic protection)
FCA (Ballistic protection)
FV432 (Modernization of the vehicle)
Gill (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
GOLAN (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
Katlanit OWS 12.7 (Remote controlled weapon station)
M-TAPS (Explosive reactive armour)
Mantis (Self-propelled antitank guided missile system)
MAPATS (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
Mini Typhoon (Remote controlled weapon station)
Mini-Samson (Remote controlled weapon station)
OWS (Remote controlled weapon station)
OWS-25 (Remote controlled weapon station)
OWS-25R (Remote controlled weapon station)
Pincher (Robot, Unmanned Vehicle)
Samson (Remote controlled weapon station)
Samson 30 (Remote controlled weapon station)
Samson Dual (Remote controlled weapon station)
Samson Jr. (Remote controlled weapon station)
SAMSON Mini (Remote controlled weapon station)
Samson Mk II (Remote controlled weapon station)
SHIPON (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
Sigman (Training simulator)
Spike-ER (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
Spike-LR (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
Spike-MR (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
Spike-SR (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
Spyder (Anti-aircraft system)
Stalker II (Reconnaissance Vehicle)
Thor (Protection system)
Toga (Modernization of protection)
Trophy-LV (Active protection system)
Trophy-MV (Active protection system)
Last contracts:
Add Date
(Close Date)
Annual Cost
GOLAN (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier) 60
Feb 2007
(Jun 2007)
Spike-LR (Anti-tank guided missile launcher) 260
Dec 2006
(Jun 2014)
Mini-Samson (Remote controlled weapon station) 326
Nov 2003
(Jun 2006)
All contracts...

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