Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd - STK

Type of activity:
Armoured Vehicles
Weapons & Weapon Systems
Contact: Patrick CHOY

5 Portsdown Road,

Phone: (65) 6473 6311
Fax: (65) 6471 0662

Design and engineering services for military vehicles, weapon systems and munitions ranging from manufacturing,upgrading repair to maintenance and life cycle management. Also provides components and sub-system design and development, and laboratory and industrial test services.

AAV (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
ABMS (Fire control system)
ADDER (Remote controlled weapon station)
Belrex PCSV (Mine protected carrier)
Bionix (Armoured vehicle-launched bridge)
Bionix (Repair and recovery vehicle)
Bionix 25 (Infantry fighting vehicle)
Bronco (Ambulance vehicle)
Bronco (Ammunition resupply vehicle)
Bronco (Engineer vehicle)
Bronco (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
CIS 40AGL (Automatic grenade launcher)
CIS 40AGL (Automatic grenade launcher)
CIS 40AGL MkII (Automatic grenade launcher)
FH-2000 (Towed howitzer)
FH-88 (Towed howitzer)
Jaeger 6 (Robot, Unmanned Vehicle)
Jaeger 8 (Robot, Unmanned Vehicle)
LAMRV (Armoured car)
LSV (Patrol Vehicle)
LW 155 (Towed howitzer)
LWSPH (Self-propelled howitzer)
M113 (Modernization of the vehicle)
Mk19 Mod 3 (Automatic grenade launcher)
NG-ARV (Repair and recovery vehicle)
Redback (Weapon station)
SLWAGL (Automatic grenade launcher)
SLWH Pegasus (Towed howitzer)
SRAMS (Self-propelled mortar)
SSPH 1 Primus (Self-propelled howitzer)
Strike LSV Mark II (Patrol Vehicle)
TERREX (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
TERREX 2 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
TERREX 3 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
TERREX RSTA (Infantry fighting vehicle)
Last contracts:
Add Date
(Close Date)
Annual Cost
TERREX 2 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier) 16
Mar 2016
(Dec 2017)
Strike LSV Mark II (Patrol Vehicle)  
Sep 2011
(Dec 2014)
Bronco (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)  
Jun 2009
(Jun 2011)
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